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      Impassioned since its more tender childhood, as of the seven years age, by the reading, and then by humour, before its ten years, thanks to emissions broadcasting of Chansonniers, and information in general, it is with the college that GUY will impassion himself for the vocabulary, the expression and the literary style. The words being only rate / rhythm for this Professor de Musique, it will have thus only to briskly cross the step to be devoted to traditional poetry, initially, then with the literature then.
     Initially it will develop, lasting nearly twenty years, the SPOONERISMS, this permutation of letters, syllables, words or punctuation causing the laughter by a new generally commonplace phonetic direction or ribald. It will create 9.000 of them and will preserve only 7.000 of them.
     Then, in 1993, feeling that it has the assets necessary in POETRY, it makes the wish reach a minimum of 1.000 poems ( traditional poetry and the alexandrine being its predilections for the unit recorded at the " COMPANY OF the MEN OF LETTERS" ) ( SOCIETE DES GENS DE LETTRES ), figure which it will exceed summer 2003 ( and 1500 to 2011 ), in the satires kinds, bucolic, metaphysics, children, sites, acrostic – sendings, sung, love, libertines, erotic, and various; that is to say forty collections.
     In the interval, it decides to write eight books minimum, NOVELS or TESTS in crenels diametrically opposite energy of the erotism to the fiction while passing by the philosophy, including two devoted to the spoonerisms. Currently seventh is in hand... Then patience, its MUSE works for you and will be able to be made known soon...

In 2011, Guy has more than 9.000 spoonerisms like 17 pounds... In March, the Iranian site of poesy translates 6 of his quatrains into Persan and the fact of also appearing in French language with a presentation of the author, on, to see : –
In June this same site makes appear the interview of Guy who succeeded the publication of the above mentioned poems, to see :

In 2012, Guy has nearly 10.000 spoonerisms and its poem "TOKAY ASZU OREMUS", written in HUNGARY in the famous town of TOKAY , was translated in this country by tourists, amateurs of Poetry, multilingual, in English then Russian.






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   1878 traditional poems according to the tradition French, but also PERSIAN, CHINESE, ARAB, JAPANESE in the kinds: BUCOLIC, Of LOVE, ACROSTIC and ENVOI, EROTIC, SATIRE, LIBERTINE, METAPHYSICAL, TO SING, FAMOUS ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES , OTHERS. To discover the list of the poems, click on the topic to consult the titles available: