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     Initially GUY created, in 1973, association " MELOMANE – CLUB ARGENTEUILLAIS " in order to give a legal window to the orchestra of accordions made up of his pupils. During ten years it will develop for them a repertory gathering, for the majority, its arrangements and its own compositions of which the " Marche du Mélomane – club Argenteuillais ( March of the Music lover – Argenteuillais Club " ). GUY becoming producer on this occasion, under its label " Le VIVIER A MUSIQUE ", for the immortalize in discs CD .
     Organizing in addition country balls, lotteries, dressers, annual evenings theatre in PARIS and voyages it will take them along in tours which it will even organize him – as all the remainder besides, in BELGIUM, HOLLAND, SWITZERLAND, LUXEMBOURG like in FRANCE with the LOIRE CHÂTEAU, SAINT – MALO and the HOLY MOUNT – MICHEL.
     In 1979 the orchestra will gain, in PARIS, a first price with cut and congratulations of the jury to have interpreted " Light cavalry " of Franz Von SUPPE. In the tread they will record on disc the opening of the "Barber Of Seville" of G ROSSINI.
     Thereafter association will be transformed into teaching aid by offering to GUY the reception of his " COURSE VIVIER ", consequently enabling him to exempt its lessons of PIANO, ACCORDION, ELECTRONIC ORGAN, GUITAR, SYNTHETIZER, SOLFEGE, HARMONY, MUSICAL COMPOSITION, INTERPRETATION. What will provide him references with and near pupils coming from CHINA or RUSSIA.



    Guy VIVIER was born close to PARIS ( FRANCE ). It is at the age of eleven years and half that it will have, on the initiative of his/her mother, to take her first lessons of music with the Master Abel MONESTES, who was decorated with the medal with arts and letters by the writer - Minister for the culture André MALRAUX.

At 12 years , more precisely fifteen days before this birthday , Guy the study of its first instrument starts : the accordion . Four months later it takes part in the competition of the town of PUTEAUX and gains the first price gold medal with a partition which one normally faces at the end of two even three years .

At 15 years, it is youngest of a group of ten accordionists called " dixtuor Parisien ", with which it occurs with the embassy from BELGIUM in PARIS like on the scene of the largest cinema Européen (5200 places): Gaumont de luxe hotel, in PARIS. This year –there, it animates its first dance band the national feastday of July 14 and, in November, gains the first price medal of gold of the contest of the town of PARIS which will provide him the occasion to record its first disc.

At 16 years , after four years of instrumental practice , Guy the cut of accordion of the competition of SAINT - DENIS gains , of category Honor , as well as the cut of the Grand Prix of the town of SAINT - DENIS near PARIS. In very another register , in spring , after having taken part in a national competition of the technical training schools , it was classified third of France with handing - over of diploma to the palace of Challot to Paris .

This same year , on a proposal from its Professor , Abel MONESTES ( Medal - holder of Arts and Letter - handing - over by André MALRAUX ), which gets pupils to him knowing that it is intended for this profession , Guy begins teaching musical theory and instrument , making it possible some to gain a gold medal in competition of end of school year .

At 19 years, in North Africa, ALGERIA it will have the advisability of occurring for some concerts.

At 21 years, making the decision to make career in the music, it will work with eagerness to acquire, on the signal-level, the traditional repertory of the accordion as much traditional than jazz, assimilating the French and American techniques. But also Theory, harmony, counterpoint (with the Master Louis LUNAZZI), like piano, bandonion, guitar and electronic organ.

     In 1965 it obtains its diploma for the occupation of professor of music.

     In 1966 it gains the national " National Trophy "of accordion ( cup of FRANCE CPAF, test piece the CAMPANELLA of F. LISZT ).

     In 1967 on examination, he becomes type-setter member of the SACEM ( company of the authors, composers, editors of music ).

     In 1968 It gains the cut of Europe of accordion ( CPAF, test piece the MAGPIE ROBBER of G. ROSSINI ).

     In 1969 it signs its first contract of edition, with a sonatine. In the occasion in one concert in the cross room, in PARIS it will occur as soloist of the orchestra with plectres of the SNCF, made up of 50 musicians, by interpreting an arrangement of the " black eyes " ( schwarz augen ), under the direction of Sylvain DAGOSTO.

     In 1970 in November, it records its first commercial disc in the famous studio become local of radio - Montmartre in PARIS which will be worth to him to be diffused on radio EUROPE 1. This same year, Guy creates one preceding while accompanying, with the raised foot, in sight reading, the singer soprano colorature of the opera of Paris : Elyane Debatisse.

     In 1973 it melts association " Music lover – Argenteuillais club ", of which he is President – Directeur. It forms there an orchestra, made up of 30 of its pupils accordionists, with whom it will record a disc in 1977 and one audio cassette in 1980. With this orchestra which it will lead during nearly 10 years, it will gain a first price and cut in PARIS and this one, under its crook, will know BELGIUM, HOLLAND, SWITZERLAND and LUXEMBOURG.

     In 1979 Guy VIVIER writes the music of a musical entitled " it was once the love ", which it will record on audio cassette and with which it will take part in the festival of the popular song in TOKYO in JAPAN.

     In 1980 on examination, he becomes author and arranger of the " company of the authors, composers, editors of music " (SACEM).

     In 1982 it is elected President of the " FEDERAL CENTER and PEDAGOGIQUE of the ORGAN and the ACCORDEON of FRANCE ". At that time, with an aim of carrying out various projects, Guy involves itself up to 12 hours per day with the piano, with the accordion like with the organ. ( With the autumn he becomes vice - president of the section Karate of municipal Olympic club of his city )

     In 1984 it presents, within the framework of the world cut of accordion, with FOLKESTONE in GREAT BRITAIN an orchestra which will be classified second of its category.

     In 1985 it produces two discs: one with the electronic organ, that it records in SWITZERLAND and the other with its pupils, in FRANCE It also publishes a catalogue of works of reference for electronic organ for the contests and of the estudiantins courses. It makes also a concert in SWITZERLAND in the canton of VALAIS.

     In 1986 it occurs in concert with the " festival of autumn of accordion of the United Kingdom »

     In 1987 it occurs in the high-speed motorboat for the second time at the " festival of autumn of accordion of – the UNITED KINGDOM", which is worth to him to be in photograph with the one of the magazine " Accordion Monthly
News ".

     In 1988 it creates the first world catalogue of works JAZZ for ACCORDEON. In August, in – NEW YORK
USA ) , it takes part in the jubile of association " American Accordionists' Association " ( A.A.A. ), ensuring the promotion of its disc " Recital match Jazz – Accordion music ".
As of this time he becomes chronicler and sees regularly appearing his articles and publicities in the magazines: Accordion – gram (  USA ) , Red Block (  USA ) , Accordion review ( AUSTRALIA ) , Accordion Monthly News ( ENGLAND ) , Official Bulletin ARMED ( SWISS ) , Artistes and varieties ( FRANCE ) , newspaper of the accordion Cavagnolo ( FRANCE ) , international Harmonika ( GERMANY ) .
     Its compositions are also published in various countries: THE UNITED KINGDOM, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY.

     In 1989 it gives a concert to the TYROL in AUSTRIA then in Asia, in SINGAPORE From now on, the annual edition of encyclopaedia QUID registers its name among the musicians of international fame at the headings: electronic organ and Accordion like with that of associations for this instrument.

     In 1990 Guy takes part in the concert of fence of the jubile of association " Accordion Teachers Guild " ( ATG ) in KANSAS – CITY ( USA) and at once after from there will give a concert to HONG – KONG ( Britannique concession ). Then, enters in People's Republic of CHINA where it will animate seminars and will give concerts and recitals in the towns of SHANGHAI, XI' AN, TIANJIN and, with PEKIN in the largest room of CHINA. It will be, so the first foreigner in the world to be taken part in the jury of a contest of accordion in CHINA with PEKIN ( country cash a few hundred million accordionists ). He will be also the first European to make a recital of accordion in CHINA and will see himself allotting a certificate attesting each one of these innovations, as well as a third, plus the chart of member of the Chinese association of the Accordionists, naming it responsible for the cultural relations between CHINA and EUROPE elected for ten years.
The recording of its recital with SHANGHAI will consequently be diffused on RADIO – SHANGHAI and from now on its compositions will be taught in the higher academies of music of CHINA.
This same year he becomes Producteur by publishing his own compositions under the label : " Le VIVIER à

     In 1991 Guy appears in the world book of the accordion: " Stories of accordions " cosigned by Didier ROUSSIN and François BILLIARDS (editions Climats).

      In 1992 he is a judge – music with the jury of the cut of FRANCE of ballets on ice. Some magazines of accordion publish its compositions in SWITZERLAND, U.S.A , AUSTRALIA.
To spring, it gives concerts and recital with VENEZUELA and, in summer, it makes a round in ASIA and with the ANTIPODES, which makes it occur with: SINGAPORE, SYDNEYAUSTRALIA ) , festival of CHRISTCHURH
( NEW – ZELAND ) with concerts, recitals, master – class, member of the jury of the 2ßt Australian and Australasian contest of accordion and animation dancing at the time of the national festival. This round will be closed by one show-televised on line, with interview, in HONG – KONG.In October, it gives a concert of organ, in the Saint-Denis church contiguous to the castle of MERY-on-oise which was property of the Countess of Ségur, as a Professor of music downtown this of the Valley Of oise near Paris..

     In 1993 Guy is elected honorary member by the federation of the accordionists of NEW – ZELANDE ( NZFOA ), and company FROSINI of SWEDEN names it active member. Book " GUINNESS OF the RECORDS " delivers the mentioning diploma to him: the " First European to have presented a recital of accordion in CHINA concert given to PEKIN on August 31, 1990 " Le Wednesday November 24, " France 2 television " diffuses the telefilm: " Julie soon twelve years and half " for which it recorded musics.
     During the summer, written Guy and composes 102 poems, songs and piano musics, organ, accordion, bandonion and guitar. In ICELAND the national magazine " harmonikan " devotes to him an article with its photograph with the organ. In FRANCE, it records, while improvising, a cassette entitled " Ragga accordion music ".

     In 1994 the 14th edition of the " WHO' S WHO music " reveals it in its world census. And " GUINNESS OF the RECORDS " in fact in his edition delivers it as much annual, in accordance with the already given diploma.
In November, Guy answers the interview of " BLUE  -  RADIO " while carrying out a recording, on line, at the house of the radio, in PARIS En December, these is " RADIO OPERATOR – TURNS " which will interviewra it in its buildings.

     In 1995 it will be interviewed by " RADIO – BESANCON " which will diffuse and transmit to " RADIO – FOURVIERE " of LYON, like to forty radios through FRANCE. It is published in ROME in ITALY. March 18, it takes part in the concert of the jubilee of " FROSINI SOCIETY " of SWEDEN given to the ROYAL ACADEMY of MUSIC of STOCKHOLM.
In May, it gives concerts in RUSSIA with SAINT – PETERSBOURG within the framework of the " international musical festival of the Baltic " at the house of the culture " Majak " ( old Palate ) and in the Pouchkine church. A diploma for the occupation of concert performer will be allotted to him and the large concert performer, the organizer, Oleg SHAROV will declare about it: " It is an amazing man, with a technique and a very coloured musical expression ".
He sees himself devoting several pages in the two editions of the book " the night of the accordion " of Dany MAURICE, alias NASLAIN.

     In 1996 Guy becomes member of the SPEDIDAM " company of perception and of distribution of the rights of the artists – interpreters of the music and the dance " Puis it declares at the " company of the men of letters " (SGDL) 200 poems under the title " poetry in full heart ". Ministry, Mrs Anne-Marie IDRAC, Secretary of State, marry of the sub-prefect of Argenteuil, pay homage to Guy VIVIER for the teaching pianistic which it exempted to his daughters. In summer, Guy makes a round in concerts, recitals and TV-SHOWS in VENEZUELA playing on this occasion with the palate of the government for his excellence Henrique Fernando SALAS ROMER, governor of the state of CARABOBO Guy receives a commemorative plate decreed by the academy " Juan Sebastian Bach " at the time of his concert at the institute of Hispanique culture. Guy, president-organizer of the international contest of the teaching national center ( C.F.P.O.A.F. ), accomodates, for the first time in France, a significant delegation of CHINESE accordionists. What is worth to him to receive from the Mayor of the town of ARGENTEUIL a letter qualifying it for its " undeniable contribution with the culture like with the radiation of our country: of eminent Ambassador of the music and French
culture ". In the four past years, Guy wrote and composed more than 750 works in poetry and music.

     In 1997 it is published in CHINA with an audio cassette whose face is devoted to the accordion jazz, and a collection including / understanding all the titles of the aforementioned cassette. The town of Argenteuil publishes a box of 3 CD " working memories " in which Guy recorded 5 ethniques musics and where figure its first published poem. GUY, also humoristic, have just completed the corrections of manuscripts intended for two books of spoonerisms, puns, stories and riddles whose total amounts to 6500.

     In 1998 it records, in March, a double album ethniques CD of musics of its composition, that is to say 20 countries represented in the 30 titles. In July, in seven days (sixty three hours), he writes a novel of one hundred eighty five pages. In November, he is the invited artist, for the concert of fence, and member of the jury, with the first international contest of accordion " MEISHI " with CHENGDU province of the SICHUAN, CHINA .

     In 1999 Guy appears with photographs, texts and publicities of his German editor in the guide 1999/2000 of the Italian show business " I magnifici delle 7 note ". He composes and records the musics of film " memory of an emigrant " of Michel DREANO. Then it records, in MILAN ( ITALY ) a second double album CD of its compositions. Then written Guy, in 8,5 days, its third novel comprising 260 pages. Then it leaves to the USA for series concerts, recitals, master-class, plays radio main road " N.P.R. " in WASHINGTON and occurs, on line, with television, PHILADELPHIA. The French monthly magazine " Accordion magazine " publishes its partition " creole party " as well as the photograph of the foreign groups having taken part in its 32ème annual international contest.

     In 2000 in Guy, January his edition " LE VIVIER LITTERAIRE ", with logo declared at " the national institute of the patent rights ", by publishing its first collection of poetries under title " HUSH !... It IS FOR the CHILDREN ". Its first double album CD is published and marketed in ITALY and on Internet under the title " Guy VIVIER folklore nel mondo Fisarmonica e orchestra ".

     In 2001 January 4, Guy completes its fourth novel, a tragedy of 444 pages having required 195 working hours distributed over three weeks, of which a 9 hours night not-stop. In March it composes, according to thirty titles, 30 musics of the legendary style swing-haversack, for accordion.
From now on, Guy has approximately 650 musical compositions for piano, accordion, bandonion, guitar, organ and orchestra (Spanish suite, Argentina suite , American suite, Brazilian suite, caraibian suite), like 740 poems.
In June, it appears in the book " the accordion without drum nor trumpet " of Christian LAPRERIE.
In July-August, Guy makes a round through CHINA during which it will pass to television, the radio, will give master-class and will be member of the jury in the cities of: PEKIN, ZHANGJIAN ( province of GUANGXI ) , JINAN ( province of SHANDONG ) , SHANGHAI, GUILIN ( province of GUANXI ) , NANCHANG ( province of JIANGXI ) , JINGDEZEHEN ( province of JIANGXI ) , ANQING ( province of ANHUI ) , JIANGYIAN ( province of JIANGSU ). With this occasion, it will be seen giving two certificates, of which one by " SCHOOL YONGTAI ", of the PEKIN one of ten best among the 200 first classified in CHINA which will engage it, with contract, like advising artistic musical.
December 26, it declares 103 titles, including seven with texts, with the SACEM.

     In 2002 during the " 35th international contest of accordion, piano, electronic organ and guitar " organized by GUY VIVIER for the C.F.P.O.A.F. which it chairs, him and its association is twinned officially with school YONGTAI of BEIJING ( one of ten the best of CHINA ).
Guy and the " FEDERAL CENTER and PEDAGOGIQUE of the ORGAN and the ACCORDEON of FRANCE" that it chairs, appear in book " WALSHE essential GUIDE to Accordion and Harmonica vents " ( in English language ) of WILLOUGHBY ANN WALSHE, editions KARTHAUSE – SCHMÜLLING, GERMANY.

    In 2003, Guy has 1041 poems and 690 musical compositions. He has just published his first continuation for orchestra, one duration of 12' 20 '', dedicated to the orchestra of KANSAS – CITY, the USA, directed by Mrs. JOAN COCHRAN SOMMERS. He takes part as artist invited in the 63ème annual festival A.T.G. with CHICAGO-USA, then with the 32ème annual Scandinavian festival of RANSÄTER – SWEDEN.

In 2004, in Guy, April makes a round in CHINA, initially with LESHAN, province of the SICHUAN where it will give a concert then will be seen decreeing, at the university of LESHAN, the diploma of Professor of music. Then it will go to XIAMEN, province of the FUJIAN where it will give two concerts, of which one recorded for television, and will animate Master class at the university for the students of last year.

In 2005, in June, Guy is with the poster of the National festival of "Accordion Teacher Guild" (A.T.G.) U.S.A, in CHICAGO, then it goes at the beginning of July with the festival of RANSÄTER to SWEDEN where it will be in the high-speed motorboat on the official magazine. This year, after a five years thinking, Guy makes the decision to cease any instrumental drive and to give up its performance in concerts and recitals throughout the world in order to devote itself, while remaining Professor in exercise, with the musical composition for a definite project of a rare scale.

In 2006, in Guy, July organizes his last competition for the FEDERAL CENTER and PEDAGOGICAL of the ORGAN and the ACCORDION of FRANCE from which it ensures the direction since 1982, which will once more provide him the occasion to receive many Chinese candidates. That achieved, Guy decides to put association C.F.P.O.A.F. in sleep, therefore to suspend the annual international contest, for one duration of five years. Guy starts to carry out an ambitious project of musical compositions

In 2007, Guy continues to carry out his ambitious project of musical compositions.

In 2008, Guy continues to carry out his ambitious project of musical compositions.

In 2009, Guy continues to carry out his ambitious project of musical compositions.

In 2010, dissolved Guy two associations: MELOMANE-CLUB, which it founded in 1973, and C.F.P.O.A.F. which it chaired since 1982. It is lightened thus to be invested still more in the musical composition the publication with the Official Journal of February 24 will ratify this decision.

In 2011, Guy continues to carry out his ambitious project of musical compositions. At the end of September he is member of the jury of the association of the PHILIPPINES "Mutyang Paris 2011" for the election of its Miss France.

In 2012, Guy continues to carry out his ambitious project of musical compositions. July 1, date birthday of its ambitious project, Guy enters more than 2100 compositions and musical arrangements carried out in seven years. The project continues...

However in July, with passage in AUSTRIA, in the TYROL, Guy is honoured for his musical compostion "GRUSS GOT AUS MÖSERN " being reproduced on double CD published at M.A P., in MILAN, while being inserted with photograph in the magazine PZ (Zeitung Plate) whose publication appears in the September issue of.

Then, going to HUNGARY, to the invitation of prestigious vintage OREMUS (wine of TOKAY) it is invited with his wife to a "vertical tasting " appealing, at this oenophilist having remained at the university of the wine of SUZE - la Rousse, with its world experiment in this field.

In 2013, Guy intensifies his project of musical composition which, since the beginning, sees it vis-a-vis with its computer, without having recourse to any musical instrument, to transcribe what it hears in his head thanks to his "absolute pitch "

In 2014 , Guy devotes himself imperturbably to his project of musical compositions , his Muse being always also prolific .

In 2015 , Guy continues with assiduity his famous project of musical compositions , but the result will not be yet for this year , course the ten years of creativity being at the horizon October 1st, 2015 .

In 2016 , Guy moves briskly towards the end of the project of musical writing begun eleven years before . The result will be for the autumn with on the way the establishment of several world records , we will return there

On YOUTUBE , from now on 102 VIDEOS ( And also of the audios only ) of GUY
appear interprets and / or Composer ( Piano , Accordion , Guitar , Bandonion ) , but also his pupils as of the award - winnings of international competitions which it organized in his good city of the impressionists .

In 2017 , by January 4th , Guy undertakes to finish his colossal project of musical composition started in October 2005 and in front of being completed at the beginning of the spring of this year . What should make 12 years of assiduous work but for which it is necessary to cut off two years devoted under investigation from data processing , the ten years remaining being only school years , that is to say nearly 330 weeks to realize more than 3000 titles such as preset at the beginning of the project . With this intention , Guy will have completely forsaken very practical instrumental on his five instruments , the call of his Muse having been most extremely .

At the end of March , Guy finished his preliminary draft but decides , to make good measure , to write still until the end of December , ultimate peroration of an insatiable composer

On November 8th , Guy earlier completes his preliminary draft such as definite twelve years while has just finished a cycle of nine sonatas for piano realized in less than four months . He has from now on with the more high level all the various techniques of the musical writing energy of the running away to the accordion music kind , via all the strong ethnic musical currents of planet , without forgetting the jazz and his various currents plus the symphonic music , and of course the absolute control of the writing for each universal instrument being used to interpret all works with regard to them . HOWEVER Guy , the demanding extremist with respect to him even , decides to make good measure to add four perforated ambitious in front of being completed at the end of January 2018 . In this solitary adventure , during which it will have devoted in more two years split up to the control of the data - processing parameters , it will have established some world records but , non content with that , it is essential to compose to establish an additional record until the end of June 2018 . Thus go at the end of June to reveal the final number

In 2018 , on January 2nd makes it possible to Guy to start the last straight line of its Kolossal project whose end is fixed at June 30th , but up to that point the effort will be intense in order to garner a last record . This date passed , Guy will communicate the detail of the daring bet which was born thirteen years here are now . However another project , former to this one , literary this time , will come at once to take over insatiable creativity

on February 28th , Guy completes the composition of a symphonic work ( Wood , coppers , cords ) exceeding the 17 minutes and joining together 27 topics on 178 pages on nearly ten seven thousand measurements . The whole carried out in a hundred hours

On May 31st , Guy completes the composition of a symphony exceeding the 49 minutes and having nearly 19300 bar out of 142 pages , the whole carried out in 150 hours . In the thirteenth year of writing : 2005 - 2018 , its goal is reached , and even well beyond that . Although being from now on owner of several records it will start the realization of the last which should close , in December , its gigantic musica.l project All this before connecting on another literary project envisaged of long time .

August 15th , and it left to complete the musical project in December , while beginning the fourteenth consecutive year of compositions and literature . The detail plus a cascade of records will be announced at the limit


Writed by Guy

of 15-09- 2005 to 10-12- 2018


SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA (Brass-Woodwind-Guitar-strings-percussion-



ORCHESTRA : variety-Folk-strings-

SOLI ALL KINDS ( 104 musical instruments ) standard Accordion- free bass Accordion- Viola - viola of love - Bandonion - Banjo - Bassoon - Bouzouki - Bugle Bb - Chime - Zither - Clarinet viola Eb - Clarinet bass Bb - Clarinet contralto Eb - Clarinet double bass Bb - Clarinet of love G - Clarinet A - Clarinet soprano C - Clarinet piccolo   Eb - Clarinet basset horn A - Harpsichord - Double bass - Double bassoon - Horn English - Horn of harmony F - Horn of drive out - Horn in Eb - Bagpipe - Horn in Bb - Horn Eb - Horn with   pistons - Dizi - Duduk - Erhu - Euphonium ( Tuba tenor ) - Flügelhorn ( bugle ) - Recorder   soprano - Flute with   nozzle tenor - Flute with   nozzle sopranino - Flute with   nozzle Low - Flute with   nozzle Viola - Flute bass - Flute of side - Flute viola in ground   Flute - double bass - Flute doubles double bass - Flute out of C - Guitar baa electric - Guitar classical - Guitar electric - Guitar ERB ( 10 cords ) - Guitar flamenca - Guitar low - Hélicon - Horn portuguaise - Guzheng - Harmonica - Toothing - stone - Toothing stone Celtic - Oboe - Oboe of love - Oboe piccolo - Oboe viola - Mandole - Mandoline - Marimba - Ney - Organ classical - Organ electronics - Oud - Piano - Piccolo C - Pipa - Rebâb - Euphonium viola - euphonium baritone - Euphonium tenor - Sax viola - Sax baritone - Sax bass - sax double bass - Sax mezzo soprano - Sax soprano - Sax tenor - Sheng - Soubassophone ( susaphone ) - Synthetizer - Trombone - Trombone viola - Trombone bass - Trombone double bass - Trombone tenor - Trumpets Baroque - Trumpets C - Trumpets D - Trumpets Bb - Trumpets Piccolo A - Tuba - Tuba baritone - Tuba bass - Violin - Violoncello - Voice - Xylophone low - trumpets













BAROQUE (Canon, fugue, choral, Concerto)





ETHNIC (Folk  : 73 country which China - Iran - Turkey - Armenia - Egypt -Azebaidjan-

ouzbekistan-Afghanistan-Syria-Indonesia-America north and South-all



SONG ( popular - committed - comic - cabaret-Satiric - folk ) = 66 scores

LUDIC METHOD (Guitar) 12 books

LUDIC METHOD (Piano) 6 books

LUDIC METHOD (Accordion) 6 books

LUDIC METHOD (Accordion free bass) 2 books


JAZZ-ROCK + IMPRO (Piano-Guitar-accordion) 99 scores

BLUES (Guitar-piano-accordéon) 150 scores

JAZZ-ROCK (Guitar-piano-accordion) 750 scores

WALTZ VIRTUOSOS (Piano-accordion) 120 scores


ARRANGED CLASSICAL MUSIC (Accordion) 80 scores

ROCKS + IMPRO writed (Guitar-Piano-accordion) 99 scores


1 - THAT IS TO SAY   4154 partitions at December 10th, 2018 including 446 early works .
2 - Control of the musical genres spreading out over 7 centuries ( 14 th with 21 st )
integrating kind Arabo - Andalusian , Baroque , Classic , Romantic , jazz , varieties , songs .
3 - THAT IS TO SAY 750 Jazz - rock ' n ' roll in only one project .
4 - Control musics traditional of 73 countries , integrating all Europe , them
two Americas , the Muslim world and Asia .
5 250 partitions written in seven months ( Of April on December 10th, 2018 ).
after 13 years and three months of writings ( 2005 - 2018 ) devoted indefatigably
with   the realization of this colossal work .
But also 1875 classical poems ( Love - Bucolic - Metaphysics
Erotic - Libertine - Satire - Commonplace - policy - Site - Wine - Spoonerism - Sending - Fable - Acrostic - various .
A tragedy , novels , books : erotic , of spoonerisms ( approximately 12,000 ),
satires and others .








Mélomane -Club

vol. 1 ( 13 tracks )
vol. 3 ( 10 tracks )


The Vivier with music

Mélomane - Club

vol. 2 ( 19 tracks )


The Vivier with music

Mélomane -Club

vol. 1
11 tracks


The Vivier with music

Mélomane -Club

vol. 2
10 tracks


The Vivier with music

Mélomane -Club

vol. 3
19 tracks


The Vivier with music


" the lesson of guitar "
           "  The Brazilian guitar of GUY "

" Tango, Argentinian passion "



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