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     Association owes its existence with Maestro LOUIS LUNAZZI who founded it on July 31, 1963 with the support of eminent musicians, and highly skilled, such as Messrs:

Albert REILLAC, Composer, pianist, accordionist, author of methods for accordion;
Denis TUVERI, trumpet player, accordionist, bandoneonist as famous as talented inter alia, and with which associated personalities as prestigious as it :
Commander Felix BOYER, head of music of the French Republican Guard, musicologist and permanent member of the jury of the musical confederation of France;
Gaston DOERFLINGER Teacher and Chef of orchestra;
Tino PRATI Teacher and Composer, author of methods of accordion;
Primo QUAÏA, Teacher, Composer, editor;
Primo CORCHIA, leading light of the accordion as well as bandonion, Composer, editor;
and thereafter Mesdames:
Danielle PAULY, accordionist leading light of the disc of television and the radio, Teacher, Composer;
Madam the Colonel Jacqueline RAVOT, accordionist music lover.

     Also, the best homage which can be returned to that which traced us an original way holds in this article, published in the semi-annual bulletin of the CFPOAF N° 15 of December 1989, and which was signed hand of its successor Guy VIVIER :

      President – Fondateur of our Association, Mr LOUIS LUNAZZI is not any more. Its death occurred saturdays October 7, 1989 whereas, in its 89 2nd year, it ran a peaceful retirement in its house of Cosne – on – the Loire.

     When it decided to create a Nationale association in 1963, after having collaborated in the accordion – club of  FRANCE in with dimensions of Mr max FRANCY, as a President of the jury of his contests, it entitled it: " PEDAGOGICAL CENTER of the ACCORDION of FRANCE ", we were in July Deux years later, in October, it decided to modify of it the title which became:
" FEDERAL CENTER and PEDAGOGICAL of the ACCORDION of  FRANCE ". It is only in October 1984 that its successor, your servant, two after his nomination, will take the initiative of the current denomination, with for initials : C.F.P.O.A.F.

     This old resistant, which saw ravelling many pupils in his Parisien home, to the 4 2nd stage of the 12 passage Saint – Pierre AMELOT, 75011 – PARIS ( Oberkampf subway ), had a life filled well, judge – in:

     « Born 26 Août 1901, with TREVES in GERMANY, not far from the French border, it will be then naturalized French. Violonist of formation, but also accordionist (keys piano), it made his studies with eminent Professor Raymond PECH. During its youth, the music did it sailed in ITALY north, but also in PRAGUE in CZECH REPUBLIC and BUDAPEST in HUNGARY, was useful in that by the advantage of being trilingual ( Italian, German, French ).
     1926 to 1929, he is a director of the municipal harmony of CROUY in the department of the aisne. Then of 1929 to 1939, the decade sees it Directeur” company accordionist SOISONNAISE”. From 1930 to 1934, one finds it, always with SOISSONS, ITALIAN Teacher at the institute " the Cross ".
     In 1943, he becomes member of the Company of the Authors, Composers and Editors of Music ( SACEM ) en signing to be able on November 22.
     1949 find it member of the international jury to the Festival of LONDON in the GREAT BRITAIN.
     The following year, in 1950, it obtains the diploma of the association of the American Accordionists ( A.A.A. founded in 1938 ) under number 457 on November 10. It will be also delegated musical confederation of the United States for FRANCE.
     Then three capital dates come, since he is the member representing FRANCE with the international jury of the World Cut of Accordion ( the CIA ) in BRUSSELS ( BELGIUM ) in 1958, with PALANZA( ITALY ) in 1961, and PRAGUE ( CZECH REPUBLIC ) in 1962.
     This same year 1962 the met with the honor since it is seen decreeing the " Medal of the town of PARIS ".
     In May 1968, whereas FRANCE is in full effervescence, it is seen allotting medal and diploma by the Musical Confederation of France ( C.M.F. ) to reward 20 years for Orchestral Direction and Companies.
     Teacher of music and Composer final member of the SACEM ( final members constituting roughly speaking a very small number, approximately 3 %, having faculty to enjoy the advantages of the SACEM, of which the mutual insurance company and a decent retirement ) Louis LUNAZZI will leave us many testimonys of his creative activity.
     Author of various works of musical teaching, of works for companies, although having his own edition " PARIS – AMELOT ", it will be published at various foreign editions such as: RICORDI ( ITALY ), M.A.P. ( the United Kingdom ), etc...
     He will compose primarily for accordion by means of various soli, quartets, and will publish a bilingual method ( French / Italian ) in 1964. He will thus carry out many collections of arrangements of symphonic music intended for the accordion.
     This epicurean, who was equipped with a great physical force had, behind an apparent coldness, human qualities and of heart undeniable cohabiting perfectly with its roundness catch.
     I will keep, I will personally maintain the memory full with gratitude towards the friend, the confidant, pragmatic man, philatelist at his hours for which the secrecy of user-friendliness lay in a meeting impromptu at the counter accompanied by traditional small white wine glass of sancerre also, dear Mr LUNAZZI allow –me to once more think and of fredonner: It is only one – goodbye... »



Guy  VIVIER,   C.F.P.O.A.F   president ,  it  is  :


  1. A professor of music ( graduate of the university of LESHAN - SICHUAN, CHINA ) (  consultant of school YONGTAI of PEKIN, CHINA  ), un concert performer, composer, an author, an arranger, a humorist, a poet and a novelist.
  2. A president of associations: federal and teaching center of the organ and the accordion of France ( association twinned at school YONGTAI of the PEKIN, one of ten best of CHINA ), Argenteuillais music lover-club.
  3. A member of the SACEM ( company of the authors, type-setters and editors of music ), SPEDIDAM ( company of collection and distribution of the duties of the artist-interpreters of the music and danse ), CATA ( association of the professors of accordion of China  ).
  4. A graduate member of A.A.A.( association of the accordionists Americans-U.S.A.-), A.T.G.( association of the professors of accordion-U.S.A.- ), A.S.A.(société of the accordion of AUSTRALIA), academy of music Jean-Sebastien Bach (VENEZUELA).
  5. The organizer of an annual international contest of piano, accordion, electronic organ.
  6. A producer the music( compact disc, scores, audio tapes) under the label " the VIVIER with music "( le VIVIER à musique ).
  7. A literary producer under the label " the literary VIVIER " (  le VIVIER littéraire  ).
  10. Of the emissions of radios: U.S.A (npr), SWEDEN, CHINA (shanghai), GERMANY and FRANCE (approximately 50).
  11. Of the musical compositions published in GERMANY, GREAT BRITAIN, CHINA, ITALY, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE.
  12. Of the articles, comments and musical publications in magazines specialized in AUSTRALIA, ICELAND, SWITZERLAND, U.S.A., FRANCE
  13. Of the musics written and recorded for French telefilms.
  14. Of insertions in famous books such: QUID, GUINNESS OF the RECORDS, WHO' S WHO music, STORIES Of ACCORDIONS (Didier Roussin), and the NIGHT Of the ACCORDION (Dany Maurice), SUN ACCORDION (Dany Maurice), PLANET ACCORDION (Dany Maurice).
  15. February 24, 2010, publication with the Official Journal of the dissolution of association C.F.P.O.A.F.
  16. the figures also, is in 2011: 150 songs, 1 musical, 2 suite for orchestra ( 3 to be appeared ), 17 books ( novels, tragedy, satires, poetry, and 10000 spoonerisms) (to be appeared), 1600 poems, 2250 musical compositions jazz, traditional, variety, ethnic folk, French accordion music ”musette”, for piano, organ with pipes and electronic organ, standard accordion and accordion free bass, bandonion, traditional guitar and electric guitar.